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project overview Project Schedule at a Glance
See each of your projects in their various phases at a glance. With one chart you will have a visual, easy to read representation of the status of each of your projects. You'll have up to the minute information on the progress of projects, based on status reports submitted by contractors, subcontractors and other involved persons throughout each day. From this project overview you can easily bore down to project details, pinpointing outstanding issues, bottlenecks or other problems.  With such an accurate and timely view of every aspect of the project, you'll be able to give swift attention to whatever is needed to move the project along smoothly.
custom checklist Customized Project Checklists
In every project there are certain tasks that need to be completed before others can start.  The Synchron Managment software allows you to easily create checklists that relate to each phase of the project.  You, and the others responsible for any aspect of a project, will never overlook a task or miss a step again.
Customized User Security Customized Security
The Synchron Management software is internet based, giving users access to each of your projects, allowing everyone involved to review those project elements over which they have responsibility. They will have access to this information from the field, the office, or whereever they happen to be with a computer or other modern communication device. Our customized security features give you full control over which projects, folders and views are granted to each user.
Project Contacts Project Contacts
Get a quick list of everyone involved with each individual project.
Asi - Addendum - RFI log Addendums, ASI's, and RFI's
Keep a log of the important information that is passed between the architect, contractor, and the owner. Synchron Management makes it easy for the project team to access this vital information and allow the project run smoothly. This tool provides redundancy by not only creating a log of this information within the software, but also sends an e-mail notification to the project team. No more wondering if everyone has the information they need. It's all right there.
Daily Report Daily Reports
Contractors can report their daily activities with a simple online form. Store current images, construction schedules, and notes all in one place. Have all the information you need for the project that day, even down to such details as automated weather reports and forecasts.
Message Board Message Board
Communication is key to success in any project.  Synchron Mangement provides an online message board to facilitate communcation among all members of the team.  Make notes, leave messages for others, and even carry on multi-party discussions relating to any aspect of a project.
Document Storage Document Storage & Retrieval
Keep important documents at hand with Synchron Management's convenient file storage system.  Store letters, contracts, blueprints, photos, etc. Each document can be readily accessible to those persons who need such access, without having to manually search paper files and feed fax machines.
Administration Administration
Administrators can easily edit any project, add contacts, assign user security, add project categories, modify folders, and much, much more.
equipment information Equipment
Keep track of all the spec sheets on equipment, hardware, lighting fixtures, plumbing accessories, etc. in one place. You can assign equipment to a given project, or even multiple projects if you use the same equipment on several jobs or facility locations. Have easy access to all the information you may need, whenever you need it.
  There's Even MORE
We have highlighted above only some of the important features of the Synchron Management software.  Incredibly easy to use, yet powerful enough to manage the most complex projects, once you have employed the Synchron Management system in your business, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. To gain a fuller appreciation of how Synchron Management can fit into your operation, contact us today to arrange a personal demonstration.




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