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Do I or anyone else on my construction team need to install the software on their personal computers?
No. The software is installed on our servers and available to you worldwide through an Internet connection. Thus you are not restricted by time and place. You may access our services from any computer, or even by use of a tablet device or smartphone. No one on your project team needs to install our software to utilize our services.
Is the software purchased or leased?
Leased. In order for us to give you maximum performance and FREE updates for life, we host the software for you on our servers. The services we provide are paid through a lease agreement for use of our software.
How many projects will this software manage at once?
Unlimited. You can manage as many projects as you would like.
What does it cost?
The cost to use the Synchron Management software consists of an initial one time setup charge for your organization, and a modest monthly charge for each project currently under management. Software maintenance, updates and most customizations are free of additional charges. (For a limited time our setup charge is waived to ensure your risk-free transition to the use of Synchron Management's services.) Contact us for pricing.
How many users can I have access the software?
Unlimited. We feel that in order for communication to be truly effective, all people involved in the construction project need to have access to the information they need to fulfill their roles. For this reason we do not limit the number of users.
Do users have access to everything within the software?
Users have customized security levels. The administrator can easily indicate a users access to different areas of the software.
What about training and product support?
The Synchron Management software has been designed for simplicity of operation. Because of its almost intuitive design, the learning curve to operate this software is very short. Each member of your team will be comfortable using the system with less than an hour of instruction and practice. We are available to answer questions by phone or email at any time. We also are available to provide instruction through internet conferencing.
What if my projects involve unusual or unique processes?
The Synchron Management software has been designed to handle not only the routine aspects of typical construction projects, but also to be readily customized. If it involves construction project management, we are confident that we can customize our software to address your unique situation.
Can others on my team access information on my computer?
No. For numerous reasons we do not store the information on your computer. For example, you may not always have your computer at hand when you need access to your data. Instead, all data is stored on our servers, as a service to you, where you can control who has access to pertinent portions of your data, on a 'need to know' basis. Likewise, each member of your team uploads information to our servers, so that information is immediately available to every other team member who needs it.




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